About us

Lace Beauty is an inclusive brand, that caters to those looking to cleanse their skin with a gentle product. We embrace the ideals of clean beauty philosophy, favoring formulas and packaging that are skin friendly and sustainable.

As we operate in the professional field, we have made it a priority to develop a cosmetic range with very specific qualities in terms of formulation, to make sure our products are effective and could be used especially by those who struggle with skin conditions that can occur from the teenage years to adulthood.

Oncological patients, people affected by dermatological conditions, that have undergone cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries, those suffering from skin disorders or diseases that can affect the skin, they will all find safe haven in Lace Beauty’s simple, honest products as they can be used in all confidence without fear of aggravating their condition even further.


While developing our products, we stayed true to our philosophy and the values that are and will always be the foundation of the brand.

prodotti per chemioterapici


Our products were created to meet everyone’s needs, including oncological patients, those who have undergone cosmetic surgery and those affected by dermatological conditions. The cleansing range is safe and easy to use, and removes quickly and effectively makeup residues, pollution and any trace of impurities.

The line was developed  to restore proper hydration levels in particular during the critical cleansing stage without harming but rather having a positive effect on the balance of the skin barrier, and ultimately preserve a suitable balance of the microbiota.

For this reason our products are formulated without artificial fragrances as they can lead to irritation in the most sensitive skin, so that sensoriality may simply be the result of the skin’s reaction to the product.

We didn’t include unnecessary filler ingredients in our formulas and focused instead on those that could lead to real benefits for the skin and the effectiveness of the product itself.

prodotti per chemioterapici


We ‘re fully committed to formulating our products in full respect of the environment and we tried to put the same attention in every other activity of the brand.

We’re not a biological brand but we really care for environmental sustainability, and for this reason we do not use products that are classified as persistent organic pollutants. We select raw materials that are as biodegradable as possible and we try to minimize our impact on the environment. Our products are microplastic free.

Our packaging is completely recyclable. The secondary packaging is produced from recycled paper, just like our shipping boxes. The duct tape and adhesives we seal our packaging with are made from organic glue, while the plastic envelopes we use for shipping are fully biodegradable.

All the printed marketing material is printed on either recycled, compostable or plantable seed paper.

In this view every single product can be repurposed in everyday life as needed.


We involved industry experts and consultants every step of the way, favoring  our country and its excellencies, to make sure that every detail was taken in consideration in the making of our products.

Our cosmetician has proven to be an invaluable asset in terms of training and education in the cosmetology and marketing fields as well as extremely active in assisting oncological patients. The manifacturing lab that transforms our formulas in products is Certiquality certified and UNI EN ISO 22716.

We’ve also partnered with a well-known Italian company that produces natural ingredients for the cosmetic industry, using state-of-the-art technological platforms and facilities. This company provided the key ingredient of the whole cleansing range, which is the core of our brand: Life Essence Vitis.


Our company works with various social institutions that provide support to oncological and postoperative patients, providing training and the necessary products needed for the rehabilitation and care of the skin after chemo and radiotherapy treatments and reconstructive surgeries that are often debilitating.

We involved in a project Sartoria San Vittore from Cooperativa Alice, which oversees the rehabilitation and labour re-integration of female inmates of Milan detention facilities, and we collaborate with Agan APS to support them in realizing a center space for autistic people.

At last we endorse cultural events set to promote inclusivity, which is the core of our brand’s philosophy, and we are committed  to support the work of the weakest and most vulnerable members of society with charitable donations and free training courses.


For our packaging we choose cutting-edge and practical options, mainly airless containers, high quality droppers and dispensers to reduce waste and contamination.

We preferred travel-friendly sizes: designed for the modern-day consumer, they promote a correct and responsible use of the product, can withstand temperature changes and are easy to pack and travel with.

The shapes are solid and essential , the style is neat, elegant and refined.

Ingredienti naturali detergente viso


For our products we selected only natural and biotechnological ingredients, favoring the most eco-friendly options where possible.

Whenever necessary we requested warranties and certifications, making sure that the sourcing of each ingredient observes rules and regulations in force in terms of sustainability and wasn’t the result of the exploitation of children or less wealthy populations.

Every active ingredient has been carefully selected, in order to give to the skin only what it really needs whilst valuing dermo compatibility, effectiveness and performance above anything else.

Ingredienti naturali detergente viso